Greece is a beautiful country with an incredible variety of landscapes, from the mountainous north to the scattered islands of the Aegean in the south. It’s a country of ancient legends and gods, fantastic monuments, welcoming people, great food, hot sun and deep blue seas.

This week, Varkiza, on the coast south of Athens, has been the excellent host to the 2018 Dole Techno293 European Championships, the final “big one” of the season coming shortly after the recent Youth Olympic Games in Argentina, with four of the YOG medalists competing here, and a field of over 200 young sailors spread across the four fleets present and ready to race. 

It’s been a week of extremely variable wind and weather conditions, howling 40 knot gusts and hot sun one day, flat calm and drizzle the next. Congratulations to the Race Committee for their hard work, ensuring a fair result despite today’s blank, with no wind all day. It’s been a proper test of the competitors’ all-round racing skills and, after eleven races of intense competition where all the young athletes have conducted themselves impeccably and, with no change to the overnight scores, we can now reveal the names of the latest young gods to enter the Pantheon of legend, the 2018 Dole European Champions!

Bic Sport Techno 293 OD has once again proved to be a winning formula and, thanks to Dole, our 2018 sponsor, thanks to our hosts here in Varkiza, thanks to everyone who made the trip here, we are proud to be able to crown our new champions:
Junior Girls: Mika Kafri. Israel

Junior Boys: Konrad Machura. Poland

Youth Girls: Sharon Kantor. Israel

Youth Boys: Alexandros Kalpoginnakis. Greece

Congratulations to ALL the young sailors for their efforts, and remember, there can only ever be one winner. Next time, it could be you!!!!

And to finish off in the words of our medalist Yana Reznikova from Russia – we loved every day here. Light wind, strong wind it doesn’t matter, we want to do it again!

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