After yesterday’s blast with winds gusting up to 40 knots everywhere, it was a complete reversal today here in Varkiza, flat calm everywhere except, as luck would have it, in the bay just out front, which is where the Juniors have been racing all week, while the Youths have been further off shore on a different course.

Once again working their magic, the Race Committee sent the fleets out, but it quickly became apparent that there was absolutely nothing once you left the bay. So while the Youths were wallowing around in zero wind, the Juniors were able to complete 2 more races, meaning that the Youth fleets could move into the bay afterwards and have some breeze themselves. All the fleets have raced 11 races, leaving just 1 more, tomorrow, the final day, to complete the set and close the proceedings. 

Going into the final day, in Junior Girls it looks as though Israel’s Mika Kafri will have enough in hand over Poland’s Aleksandra Wasiewicz, still holding second place ahead of Israel’s Amit Segev. In Junior Boys Konrad Machura made it a good day for Poland, extending his lead ahead of Britain’s Boris Shaw, the day’s big mover, leapfrogging Italy’s Alessandro Melis to leave them second and third respectively. Yesterday’s ultra-tight leader board in Youth Girls has changed a little, but only 4 points separate the top 3, with Israel’s Sharon Kantor overtaking long-term leader, France’s Manon Pianazza, now second, with Youth Olympic medallist Russia’s Yana Reznikova third. And in Youth Boys, another strong performance by Greece’s Alexandros Kalpoginnakis, Youth Olympic medalist and looking to have things done and dusted here before tomorrow’s final race. Israel’s Roi Hillel and Daniel Basik Tashtash held their second and third positions. 

The podium positions are taking shape, but there’s still room for some movement on Saturday (especially Youth Girls), with just one race to try and make a telling difference!

See you tomorrow with the names of our new champions!

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